WEEK 4 + 5: I actually went out???

I’m so sorry for missing week 4! I didn’t do much anyways lol

So this past weekend was really fun! I actually went out instead of staying in all day, which I have been doing so much lately. I’ve just been so lazy.

My Friday night was so much fun, the most fun I’ve had in a while. My friends and I went to the beach and just drank and talked and played volleyball with some white guys lol (it’s cuz there’s a huge Navy ship here for a bit so there were hella military guys/girls all over Tumon). The sunset was beautiful (which has been rare lately because it’s been nothing but rainy) and it was great to just sit with my friends and talk.

And then on Saturday, I hung out with my cousin and we watched (don’t judge me) Fifty Shades Darker. and before you’re like ew Jacky that’s gross, it was honestly a pretty good movie. It was actually really romantic lol. And now my cousins and I are planning a trip to the Philippines after graduation so I’m pretty excited for that, if it all works out!

But yeah, I just thought I’d write about what I did this weekend because I was actually out for a change. It’s weird because I am an extrovert but I’ve been home so much lately.

Anyways. Happy Valentine’s Day but more importantly, HAPPY GALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!

I miss you three so much!



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