WEEK 5: Excitement

^ My cousin in Korea got a puppy TT TT

This past week has been a bit busier than the previous weeks. Overall, I feel like I was able to find balance between doing work and hanging with friends.

This past Friday, my Bible study group had a hangout. We like just ate, chilled, and watched a movie. We ended the night by going to a bubble tea place. We sat outside due to the lack of seatings inside.

While we were talking, this random guy came up to us. It was really clear that he was lying for the sake of receiving money, and he kept talking and talking. Long story short, we ended up giving him some money because as Christians, we are called to show God’s love, and this is one way that we can portray a glimpse of that never ending love to this man.

One of my members brought a friend to our hangout, and he was a non-Christian. He actually was curious and asked us why we ended up giving that man when it was so clear that he was scamming us. We went ahead that talked about our duties as Christians, and that we don’t know what that man might have been going through. Most importantly, we should be praying for this man in that he would meet Christ if it is God’s will.

This friend ended up asking me about our church later in the night and was interested in coming out. PRAISE THE LORD FOR WORKING IN UNEXPECTED WAYS! That friend did come out yesterday to church, and it brings me joy to see him try out Christianity and hopefully he’ll come to accept Christ as his Savior!

Please keep him in your prayers! His name is Kevin 🙂




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