WEEK 6 & 7: Realizations

I guess everyone has been pretty busy to post last week lol.

hmmmm, trying to think what I did 2 weeks ago…

oooooh, our church does this thing every year where each class has events called Brothers’ Appreciation Day and Sisters’ Appreciation. 2 weekends ago, we had our last Sisters’ Appreciation Day as Seniors. The guys made a 3 course meal that included steak, salmon, and chocolate truffles. I was honestly really blessed and wasn’t expecting anything so great! I realized how thankful I am to live life throughout my college years with these brothers and sisters. I couldn’t have survived without them. Close friendships and great memories have been made :’) Sad that we’re parting ways after graduation this May but excited to see where each of us goes in our next chapters of lives!

I’ve been really consumed with midterms and currently studying for 2 of them right at this moment LOL. Both of them are on Thursday so hoping to get a lot of work done tonight!

I guess one big thing happened recently. One of my roommates and I aren’t in good terms right now. Long story short, I’ve been storing things since last semester, and it basically all came out after one situation 2 weekends ago. I was bitter, was basically over it, and gave the silent treatment.

With my luck, every sermon during Sunday and even during Bible study had this recurring theme of “forgiveness”. I literally got mad LOL. I’m like “God, I know you are forgiving of me whenever I do wrong, and I should be doing the same for others but I don’t want to right now. I need time. I don’t want to give in by just forgetting all of this”.

Praise God that I was able to come to a place where I could give my bitterness to Him and not hold on to it anymore. My roommate and I talked it out one night. I won’t say that everything was resolved, but I didn’t have much feelings toward her anymore. There’s no more anger and bitterness, but we realized that we weren’t really close to begin with. With that, I told her that I won’t be putting in the effort to become closer in our relationship because I want to spend the last few months building friendships with ppl I’m close to right now and with ppl in my fg (Bible study group).

It sucks that the time I invested in this relationship is to a waste, but sometimes it’s for the better to move on.


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