Week 4: All Nations


On Monday, I had the privilege of representing Guam for the Parade of Nations during Global Focus week.

Every year, for one week, my school focuses on the global aspect of missions, organizations, business, education, etc. Global focus week challenges Christians to remember the Great Commission.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very and of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

It was such a beautiful experience seeing people from all over the world waving their flags and worshiping God. God isn’t just a “western God”; He is a God for all nations.

I am reminded that my mission on Earth is to be a witness for Christ. God has shown me through other people’s passions that we can do what we love while spreading the gospel. With my passion being teaching, God has given me the platform to share the good news with others while teaching them English. I hope for all of us to live passionately for God!




Week 3: A Balanced Lifestyle

“Go! Go! Go!” The mantra of today’s culture.

This past week I thought about the importance of relationships and spending time with the people we care about. Our society puts off other people because everyone is so busy. We don’t have the time to invest our lives in just one conversation with a friend or just one phone call with a family member. “Not having enough time” seems extremely relevant to our lives, but it’s such a silly concept.

We all have the same amount of time in the day.

In the future, when I look back in my life, I want to remember the moments I got to experience with the people I love. I don’t want to think, “Wow… I got so much work done!” I want to say, “I remember that time when so and so and I did this!”

I’m not saying that it’s not important to work hard in school and to accomplish our goals, but I want to remind myself that relationships should matter more. Life wouldn’t be that great if there wasn’t anyone I can share it with!

I strive to live a balanced lifestyle. There are times when I need to work on school and job situations, but there are also times when I need to work on my relationships. (Honestly, I struggle to keep my mind focused on spending time with someone. I am constantly thinking of things I have to do instead of thinking of the current situation.) I am learning daily to be fully invested into the lives I care about, to be completely in the moment.

Love and miss you all,




Week 2: Passions

I couldn’t think of what to title this post because there wasn’t really a recurring theme for this week, but the one word that can sum up this past week is “passion”.

School started this past week, but I don’t really feel like writing about it because it was the same old syllabus week with a bit of terror for all the assignments that I have to do this semester.

So, I watched the movie La La Land (if you haven’t watched it, please do yourself a favor and go watch it!). I won’t spoil anything about the movie, but I will just say that I was very moved by it. There was a song that Emma Stone sang and some of the lyrics include,

Here’s to the ones who dream
Foolish as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that ache
Here’s to the mess we make”. 

I know that this is just a movie, but it really got me thinking about everyone’s passions and dreams that they want to accomplish, whether it be helping people, being a nurse, or making it on the big screen. It’s not going to be easy to fulfill our goals, but we can’t give up! I encourage you all to keep following your passions and if you ever feel discouraged, you can always call a friend :).


This is a completely different topic but something I want to share.

I don’t think I ever told you guys that I help sponsor a kid who lives in India through an organization called Compassion International. I just received a letter stating that India’s government may not allow us to sponsor these kids anymore. Most of these kids are receiving help from people worldwide to provide food, education, shelter, etc. It made me feel so sad, that I might not be able to sponsor my kid, Jeneth, as well as others who are sponsoring kids in India. I just ask for you guys to be praying about this situation.

I love and miss you guys,



Week 1: Preparation Week

* TBH, the idea of writing a somewhat journal entry sort of made me feel anxious. When I think of journals, I picture a private and genuine depiction of my worries, struggles, thoughts, etc. I was afraid that this blog wouldn’t capture my honest opinions because I would have to “perfect” my writing in order to present it for other people to see, but I promise to myself and to you all that I will pour out everything even if I can’t describe it in words. I know that this blog will bring us closer and that’s what makes me excited to be a part of it.

This past week was a mental preparation for what is to come.

Before the week started, I wasn’t thinking of school, work, and my future because I was trying to avoid those topics. I knew that once I started pondering, I would officially be done with relaxing and life would become more complicated.

I couldn’t avoid my responsibilities anymore. I had to plan out my semester, my goals, graduation, and post-graduation. And that is exactly what I did. I finally bought all my textbooks (yay!), I made my school and work schedule, and I emailed some people to further my student teaching process. I’ll be honest; I wasn’t completely productive this whole past week. I finished watching Gilmore Girls, I binged on a little Friends, and last night I played 3 hours of Halo (not really proud of that lol), but I didn’t feel guilty for all of this because now I am sitting at work and I’m getting ready for class soon (ew).

The preparation process has not been that easy. I am extremely overwhelmed for this semester as I am taking 21 credits. I still have to figure out my practicum for this semester. I haven’t heard back from the schools where I want to do my student teaching, and my application is due February 1st. I have been putting off my relationship with God. I’m just so confused and tired.

I am now reflecting on all my problems, and God keeps telling me that I need to give all my worries and struggles to Him. I know that it’s not always easy to give up on my desires and to let God control my life, but it’s always worth it in the end. He only wants what is best for us.