WEEK 5: Excitement

^ My cousin in Korea got a puppy TT TT

This past week has been a bit busier than the previous weeks. Overall, I feel like I was able to find balance between doing work and hanging with friends.

This past Friday, my Bible study group had a hangout. We like just ate, chilled, and watched a movie. We ended the night by going to a bubble tea place. We sat outside due to the lack of seatings inside.

While we were talking, this random guy came up to us. It was really clear that he was lying for the sake of receiving money, and he kept talking and talking. Long story short, we ended up giving him some money because as Christians, we are called to show God’s love, and this is one way that we can portray a glimpse of that never ending love to this man.

One of my members brought a friend to our hangout, and he was a non-Christian. He actually was curious and asked us why we ended up giving that man when it was so clear that he was scamming us. We went ahead that talked about our duties as Christians, and that we don’t know what that man might have been going through. Most importantly, we should be praying for this man in that he would meet Christ if it is God’s will.

This friend ended up asking me about our church later in the night and was interested in coming out. PRAISE THE LORD FOR WORKING IN UNEXPECTED WAYS! That friend did come out yesterday to church, and it brings me joy to see him try out Christianity and hopefully he’ll come to accept Christ as his Savior!

Please keep him in your prayers! His name is Kevin 🙂




Week 5: Thunderstorm

Sorry I haven’t post in the past two weeks. I have two midterms this week and another one next week along with a paper due for that class. On top of it, I am working on my own screenplay. I know, I don’t even know what I am doing as an economics major anymore…

I know these are not excuses. I’m sorry!

Umm…so my life is actually really crazy right now. Like the craziest it has ever been, maybe minus last year…maybe not.

I was running into a lot of problems in my relationship with my boyfriend, and on Saturday my dad called me. What I thought was going to be just a casual father-daughter conversation turned out to be very stressful and depressing for me. You can message me for details. The point is something I thought will always be stable in my life might no longer be.

Aside from my schoolwork, relationship, and family, I am also worried about my career or the lack of. I am flying to the East Coast for a job interview in two weeks. I am very excited, but I also feel stressed out because I am paying for my own trip and I feel like if I don’t get an offer everything is going to be wasted. But let’s not think that negatively!

I am flying on Thursday midnight and have a full day of interview on Friday! Please pray for me. I plan to leave on Friday night and maybe back to LA or maybe visit one of you girls!!!

Girls! Anyone wanna host me from Friday night to Sunday? lol

Anyways, I am hanging there (with the help of some friends, tissues, and a chocolate cake). Wish me luck on all of the stuff that’s happening. And I miss you all a lot. Hope your week is going smoothly! I love you all!



4 Days in LA


My childhood friend from third grade is coming to visit me in LA from Toronto! So I am sharing with you all a four day itinerary of the things and places I plan to show her. I am also asking for your advice and open to suggestions and recommendations. Thank you!

Feb. 19- [Melrose, West Hollywood] Arrive in LAX at 12:54pm. Plan to take her to Melrose Trading Post, Melrose street art and then Gracias Madre for dinner.

Feb. 20- [Hollywood] Urth Cafe for brunch, stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre, dinner in Ktown

Feb. 21-[Venice and Santa Monica] Brunch at the Butcher’s Daughter, Biking from Venice to Santa Monica, Third Street Promenade, dinner in Tsujita Ramen

Feb. 22- [downtown] LACMA, the BROAD art museum, The Last Bookstore, dinner in Bottega Louie

Feb. 23- She goes back to Toronto.


WEEK 4: 

This past week has been pretty spontaneous lol.

Started with Ellen DeGeneres getting us hyped because she was giving out SuperBowl tickets at Georgia Tech this past Wednesday. We all thought she would legit be on our campus, but it turns out she was going to live stream in during her show. I was v disappointed LOL but I was entertained by how many people actually dressed up as cats and brought the largest bowl that they had (She tweeted that if you do this, you’ll be able to win tickets).

I just wanted to talk about a friend of mine that I would consider as one of my closest friends. Her name is Sarah, and that’s a picture of her up there lol (Jacky and Marissa met her, I believe). She’s honestly one of the most caring ppl I know, and I’m so glad that I’m able to live life with her. Fortunately, she’s going to Grad school at UT Austin (her #1 choice) after graduating this May, but it saddens me that we’ll be apart 😢

She’s also a Non-Christian, and this is where it breaks my heart. She has all the characteristics of what an ideal Christian should be, but she hasn’t met Christ. I had conversations about religion and God with her before, and it surprises me to see her so open to it all.

I really want to use this last couple of months that we have together to see her change, even if it’s softening her heart to attend church events with me. I’m not looking for a whole tranformation (I mean praise God if it does) but I just want to be a friend who loves her and hopefully she’ll be able to witness even a glimpse of God’s love for her.

Please pray for her in that she’ll be able to see God pursuing her heart and pray for me to be used by Him!

Love you guys! Hope your week is going well 🤗


WEEK 3: It’s Okay to Not Know

This week has been good. I’ve been able to keep up with staying on track with school work and get enough amount of sleep everyday so far! PTL! 

I started discipling someone this past week. She’s a freshman who is on fire for God, and I hope to be someone to guide and live life with her throughout this semester (keep us in your prayers). 

This past Friday, during my church’s night “services”, we had a speaker who talked about how we, as Christians, should be viewing work or career. 

The speaker’s name is Terry Tucker, and he is recently working as a chief strategy officer at City of Refuge, which is a non profit organization to help refugees have a home and help them with their livings here in the states. 

If you read or hear his life story, it’s crazy. He went to college at a rly young age (I think 15 or 16), taught himself on how to code, taught a college course as a kid, helped Microsoft launch Office Suite, got his MBA, and studied law. Basically, he had it all but in the world’s eyes.

He continued to share that we need do everything with excellence. He told us that he feels like he was able to find his purpose through City of Refuge, and everything that he has accomplished was a way for God to prepare him to this day. 

That rly stood out to me. It doesn’t matter even if I don’t know what I want to do in life. And it doesn’t matter if it takes 10+ years for me to realize what my purpose here on earth is. I’m going to keep on doing everything with my best and with excellence. 

This constantly encouraged me as I’m job searching and run into times where it won’t work out with some companies, so I hope it does for you guys too 🙂